Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching at Catherine McAuley​


The Board of Studies directs the Curriculum to be taught in all schools in NSW. There are six Key Learning Areas (or KLA's) that must be addressed in each grade of Primary school. These subjects are:

English - incorporating Reading, Writing and Oral Language
Creative Arts - incorporating Drama, Music, Art and Craft and Dance
History & Geography
Science and Technology - incorporating Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PD,Health,PE) - incorporating sport, aspects of Physical Education and health matters.

As a Catholic School, we have a seventh Curriculum area, Religious Education.

Apart from teaching the curriculum, we endeavour to offer our students other educational opportunities, including the School Band, Choir, musical performance opportunities such as 'Music Manifesto', 'Mini Vinnies', a junior division of St Vincent de Paul, and Gifted and Talented opportunities. We understand that students have different strengths, and we endeavour to cater to those strengths, enabling them to be strive towards their full potential.